Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Chances are, you'll have to interact on a variety of levels throughout your life. Whether you're interviewing for a job, starting a new relationship, or communicating as part of a team, interpersonal skills are important. You've probably already noticed that much of your success depends on communication skills and that some ways of interacting are more effective than others.

Improving Nonverbal Communication
Learn what makes up nonverbal communication:
if you want to show that you are happy, it's more effective to give expressive facial cues, like smiling, than increasing your talking speed or showing happy body language. There may be times when it is advantageous to hide emotions that you may be feeling (like when you are afraid) but don’t want to show it.
Understand the importance of nonverbal communication:
Start thinking about the nonverbal cues both you send when communicating. Also think about the nonverbal communications that you receive from others

Recognize cultural norms :
From a global perspective, if you are native to a particular culture, many of the nonverbal norms will be instinctive. If you find yourself communicating in a culture that is not your own, keenly watch others for typical nonverbal behavior.

Understand how gender differences influence nonverbal communication :
Women also tend to interrupt less than men, listen more than men, and are better at correctly interpreting facial expressions than men

Use efficient communication :
Use a simple, direct request to get what you want, instead of complex, indirect messages.
When you can, plan and practice what you are going to say so that you can deliver your message with relative speed and ease. Efficient communication not only helps others to understand you, but also lets you make more messages in the same amount of time.

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